Welcome on the website of Euro-MOTOR: European multidisciplinary ALS network identification to cure motor neurone degeneration

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The objective of Euro-MOTOR is to discover new causative and disease-modifying pathways to pave the way for novel therapies for ALS.

This will be achieved by pursuing the following 3 sub-objectives in 3 different pillars. These 3 pillars form the basis of the Euro-MOTOR project, and the framework of this proposal.

Pillar I To generate large scale quantitative data sets (read more)

Pillar II To integrate these data in a robust computational ALS model (read more)

Pillar III To validate this computational model and apply it for the development of novel therapies (read more)

The central concept of Euro-MOTOR is that a robust and validated computational ALS model can only be generated when all its individual components are robust and validated. Therefore, each individual pillar is designed to deliver high-quantity, high-quality and validated data to the subsequent pillar, as explained in brief below.


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This projecthas received funding from the EuropeanCommunity's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under the Health Cooperation Programme and the project Euro-MOTOR