Instituto di Ricerche Farmacologiche Mario Negri

Contact information:

Dr Ettore Beghi
Capo Laboratorio Malattie Neurologiche
Istituto "Mario Negri"

Via Giuseppe La Masa, 19
20156 - Milano
tel: 0239014542
fax: 0239001916
E-mail: [email protected]

Dr. Caterina Bendotti
Head, Lab. Molecular Neurobiology, Dept. Neuroscience,
"Mario Negri" Institute for Pharmacological Research
Via La Masa, 19
20156 Milano, Italy
Tel. +39(0)239014488
Fax. +39(0)23546277
e-mail: [email protected]

Research Lines:

- Descriptive, analytical, and experimental epidemiology in the field of ALS, epilepsy, headache, and other neurodegenerative disorders
- Validation of diagnostic criteria for neurological disorders
- Assessment of the prognosis of chronic neurological disorders (ALS, epilepsy)
- Randomized pragmatic trials for treatments of neurological disorders
- Creation of guidelines for neurological disorders
- Assessment of costs of brain disorders

• Behavioral, neuropathological and neuroimaging characterization of rodent models of ALS
• Development of motor neuronal cell models of familial ALS.
• Studies on the pathogenic mechanism of ALS in cellular models and transgenic SOD1 mutant mouse and rats with particular interest on the role of oxidative stress, mitochondrial damage and protein aggregation.
• Development of target genes-based therapies for the protection of motor neurons.
• Therapeutical interventions in transgenic SOD1 mutant mouse models: pharmacological, stem cells, genes-based therapies
• Studies aimed to identify biomarkers for the diagnosis and progression of the disease in ALS patients and rodents models.

Top 10 Publications:

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  3. Beghi E. 127th ENMC International Workshop: implementation of a European registry of ALS. Naarden, The Netherlands, 8-10 October 2004. Neuromuscul Disord 2006; 16: 46-53. 
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