University of Torino

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Medical and Scientific Director: Adriano Chiò, MD, Professor of Neurology
Department of Neuroscience, University of Torino, and AOU San Giovanni Battista, Torino, Italy

Address: Via Cherasco 15, 10126 Torino, Italy

Tel: +390116335439
Fax: +390116963487
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ALS Clinic:

The Turin ALS centre has been established in 1990 and represents the tertiary ALS centre for Piemont Region, north-western Italy. The centre has a multidisclinary group, with a daily ALS clinic, and utilizes the in-patient beds and the day hospital of the Department of Neuroscience. It follows about 180 patients/year affected by various forms of MNDs. The centre includes a psychological and neuropsychological service. The centre has a neurophysiological service (EMG, motor evoked potentials) and collaborates with the Laboratory of Neuropathology and Neurobiology (located in the same Department) and the Laboratory of Molecular Biology and Genetics (located in a nearby hospital). The San Giovanni Hospital, where the centre is located, has a Neuroimaging Service (including MRI and functional MRI, PET, SPECT and TC) and services of Clinical Nutrition, Pulmonology, Rehabilitation, Speech Pathology, Gastroenterology, and Interventional Radiology. The San Giovanni Hospital is the second largest hospital in Italy.

Research Lines:

Epidemiology: the centre coordinates the Piemonte and Valle d'Aosta ALS register (PARALS), a prospective epidemiological register in two Italian regions, active since 1995. Besides descriptive epidemiology, also analytic epidemiology studies are performed, most of them in collaboration with the EURALS consortium. The centre is performing studies on ALS and physical activity (including soccer).

Therapy: the centre has been involved in several international and national pharmacological trials. Also studies on nutritional, respiratory and communication (AAC) are performed.

Pathology and biological markers: the centre is performing studies on ALS pathology (post-mortem tissues, nerve biopsy, muscle biopsy).

Genetics: studies on hereditary ALS and susceptibility genes of sporadic ALS are performed. The centre coordinates the ITALSGEN consortium, which shares the DNA of 15 Italian ALS Centres (Turin, Milan NEMO centre, Milan Maugeri ALS Centre, Milan San Raffaele Hospital, Milan Besta Institute Centre, Genua, Modena, Bologna, Siena, Roma Catholic University, Naples, Bari, Palermo, Cagliari and Sassari).

ALS-Dementia: studies on ALS-FTD are performed both on familial and sporadic ALS patients.

Quality of life, depression and anxiety: the centre is particularly interested in research on the psychological reaction to ALS both in patients and their caregivers.

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