Workpackage 1: Project Management, Dissemination and Training




To ensure implementation of the consortium in conformity with the EC contract and the consortium agreement


To disseminate generated data and knowledge on the results of the –omics studies and the ALS model


To organize workshops on sophisticated techniques for combining and integrating ~omics data


To disseminate clinical guidelines and life style rules for the ALS community


Task 1: Project management 

  • Overall scientific, legal, financial and administrative management of the project; for details see chapter 2.1 on management structure 
  • Periodic monitoring of the progress towards the project’s objectives and taking corrective measures as and when appropriate; 
  • Monitor adherence towards the financial budgets;
  • Monitor inter-work package alignment;
  • Acting as liaison between the Executive Board and the Work package leaders;
  • Acting as liaison between the project consortium and the Commission representatives on behalf of the consortium;
  • Processing all technical, financial and administrative information into project periodic and final reports compliant with Commission criteria;


Task 2: Dissemination 

For details see chapter 3.2 on dissemination

  • Presenting Euro-MOTOR results on relevant annual conferences and work-shops, including aimed at industry, SMEs to help inform potential SMEs for future valorization
    • Establishment of a dedicated Euro-MOTOR website. This website will be placed under the website of the newly founded Euro-ALS platform, which serves as a general research platform on ALS for sustainable European cooperation on ALS beyond the Euro-MOTOR project. At least twice a year, electronic newsletters on the progress of the Euro-MOTOR project will be disseminated through the project website.
      • Publicly releasing generated ~omics data to the scientific community.
  • Publication of project results in top-ranked peer reviewed journals (at least 20 publications)
  • Organisation of an ALS seminar to present the main project results at the end of the project to all the relevant stakeholders, including research community, pharma, physicians, and representatives of ALS patient organisations


Task 3: Training 

  • To organize internal workshop on techniques for interpreting and combining ~omics data sets via systems biology/genetics approaches in ALS.  This will include a half of day training on different computational methods


Task 4: Exploitation of IP

  • To establish an exploitation committee that will manage Intellectual property rights